Smart-Blu-2-Logo-950x370This is networked lighting controls your way.

The world's easiest, most affordable lighting control platform using built-in Bluetooth Mesh just got better!

No need for LAN, a separate network, or internet access thanks to the Bluetooth Mesh.

Safe & Secure Connection

Bluetooth technology has been one of the most secure wireless connection protocols, enabling all devices to exchange data easily. Since it's separate from your LAN, you reduce security vulnerabilities.

Engineered For Growth

Lighting products installed with Smart Blu are embedded with advanced lighting controls that optimize energy efficiency and occupant well-being. No extra configuring or wiring is required.

Flexible Lighting Design

Download the free Smart Blu app to take advantage of dynamic tunable lighting, circadian rhythm control, program motion sensors, and create scenes to deliver the light when and where you need it.

Future-Proof Buildings

The Smart Blu future-proof building technology means you won't be replacing your LED lighting with new advancements for many years.

Optimize Energy Efficiency and Occupant Well-Being

Smart Blu is a wireless lighting control system that utilizes Bluetooth Mesh Network technology to transmit lighting control data from a smartphone to lights and switches.

Perfect for schools and office buildings, Smart Blu is simple to set up for managing energy consumption without disrupting occupants or requiring intervention from building management.


The Smart Blu App Makes It Easy

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The Smart Blu lighting control system was designed to make programming simple! Available for both iOS and Android, the app makes it easy to find and add lights automatically.


Circadian Rhythm Control Feature

Using a manual or Astro Clock schedule, the new "Daily Cycle" feature will allow you to dial in specific color and brightness settings for the time of day and enjoy better health.

Smart Blu App Tutorials
How To Bring Lights in the Smart Blu App
How to Add and Remove Lights in the Smart Blu App
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How to Create and Modify Groups of Lights  in the Smart Blu App
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Smart Blu Downloads

Smart Blu App User Manual

PDF Download | 5 MB

The Smart Blu App User Manual will help new users commission their lighting, become familiar with features, setup control modules, create zones, and more.

Smart Blu 2.0 Overview Handout

PDF Download | 1.2 MB

What is Smart Blu? Learn more about the 2.0 platform and all the new features. Includes Circadian Rhythm control and a more intuitive layout to reduce setup.

Smart Blu Wall Switch Data Sheet

PDF Download | 400 KB

For use with Smart Blu enabled US LED lighting, the Smart Blu Wall Switch is available to be installed for line voltage or battery powered (not included).

Smart Blu Features

Circadian Rhythm Control

Using a manual or Astro Clock schedule, the "Daily Cycle" Circadian Rhythm feature allows a user to dial in specific color and brightness settings for the time of day and better health.

Dynamic Tunable White

Adjust the correlated color temperature (CCT) to provide warm to cool lighting (and everything in between). Levels are dynamic to mimic the colors of daylight from sunup to sundown.

Daylight Harvesting

Smart Blu will take advantage of natural light that enters an interior space through windows by adjusting the lighting to save power.

Individual Light Settings

Lights may be controlled individually or in groups. They can be set to operate automatically via sensors and/or respond to manual switches or smartphones. Adjust light levels, color temperature, and program motion detection.

Motion Detection & Photocontrol

Motion detection automatically allows lights to get brighter when people are present and dim down after a predetermined time when they are not. Photocontrol measures the light intensity at any given time and will automatically adjust the light levels based on predetermined settings.

Create Groups, Scenes, & Zones In The Building

Scenes may be created with groups and/or individual lights by adjusting brightness levels and color temperature. Consider meeting rooms or classrooms when presentations are given and certain lights need to be dim in some areas.


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